Have Grill, Will Cook.

Technology Tuesday is upon us yet again.  And since my camera is now operational, I finally get to stop teasing information about my grill and just post about it!

That is but one of my many pictures I have of my grill to show you.  I’ll explain things after each picture to help guide this post into something more understandable.  The first detail I would like to point out about my grill is the size.  Size matters.  And this thing is over 6-feet long.  Think about that for a second.  From one end to the other is over 6-feet.  I could lay on this grill and give myself some wicked grill marks on my back if I wanted to.

The grill is made by Blue Ember and is the iQue model.  More on that later.  As you can see in this picture (sort of), there is a thermometer right on the lid.  The high point on the dial is 700°F, and I’ve gotten it as high as 600°, if I’m not mistaken.

Opening the lid reveals the inner glory.  Looking past the mess, you might be able to see my burners peeking out from under my porcelain-coated cast iron grill grates.  I have 4 total regular burners, and they run vertically from side to side (That makes sense).  In the back, that white bar is my rotiserrie burner, which gets crazy hot as well.  Not shown in this picture is my smoker box that is hiding in here, and also my side burner doesn’t show here.

Speak of the devil.  There’s my smoker box!  It too is cast iron, and has a special holding area right next to my far left burner.  I use this thing way more than I thought I ever would.  It has a good capacity, holds a lot of heat, and has ample ventilation for the smoke to disperse.

And hey!  There’s my side burner, too!  I do not use this as often as I would like, but the times I have used it, it performed perfectly.  This burner (if you couldn’t tell from the angle in the picture) is located on the right side of my grilling area.  Also notice the [inadvertent] angelic glow in this shot.

Opposite my side burner is this under-used contraption.  That there is a condiment tray.  Those compartments are there to separate sauces for dipping or basting while the grilling action is going on.  Sadly, I have not used this function yet.  Fun fact though:  that tray is removable which then reveals a bucket underneath it, perfect for filling with ice and your favorite bottled adult beverages!

Going back to the center of the grill, you may have noticed this weird looking thing on the front in the above pictures.  That is the LCD screen.  I’ll say it again.  LCD screen.  On my grill.  Believe it.  No, really.  I’m not making this up.  When activated, this screen is my data center.  I am able to pre-heat each side of my grill to a different temperature if I wanted to, for cooking different items, or just more predictable cooking.  I can set a timer. I can hook up the included probe thermometer, tell it to what temperature to cook whatever it is I am cooking, and when it reaches that point, the grill will automatically turn itself to low heat to keep the food warm.  The preset foods are pretty diverse, and I have never had a problem getting it to do what I want it to do.  I love my grill.  I can grill nearly anything without fear of ruining it because I am in full control of what happens on there.  And, much like the condiment tray, I have never used the function to let the grill turn itself down.  I’m always outside monitoring what’s going on, but I do use the probe thermometer on almost every cut of meat I cook to make sure I get it to the right temp, every time.

But wait, there’s more!  I have two pull-out cabinets, and my propane tank is on a tray of sorts that pulls out for easy removal and replacement.  Have I mentioned that I love my grill?  Some grills might have a cabinet or two.  Some grills might have the propane tank tray.  I have both.  It’s like a match made in Grill Heaven.  Not to mention that this whole thing is loaded on four casters that rotate freely for ease of motion and use.

Not pictured in any of the above shots are my actual rotisserie motor, which was included, the extra power slot in the back of the grill (the LCD screen runs off electricity, so while that is going, there’s another plug in the back for whatever else I might need out there).  Is this grill too big for me?  Maybe.  Have I used the entire space?  Not all at once.  Do I like asking rhetorical questions?  Yes!  But seriously, the way I see it is like this:  It is better to have a monster grill that can cook tons of food at once then to have a smaller grill and be worried about fitting everything you need on there.  Aw heck.  I just looked up at the picture above, and I forgot to mention that there is a light switch so you can illuminate the cooking area when cooking in the dark.  And I also forgot to mention the attached bottle opener that is located right next to the top shelf.  It just keeps getting better and better, doesn’t it?  But that’s all for now.  I look forward to using this grill for a long time, and that is something that brings a smile to my face.

Love your life, stay positive, and play with your food (you know I will!) 🙂


About imasamurai

I am the owner of https://myfoodtalk.wordpress.com . A recent culinary graduate from Le Cordon Bleu just trying to make it to the next meal. I may not always do things the easy way, but I certainly do things the tasty way!
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4 Responses to Have Grill, Will Cook.

  1. kristin says:

    You just made my grill cry. I hear him weeping out on the deck. He feels very inadequate now. =(

    • Holly says:

      My grill is sobbing uncontrollably because he thought he was awesome until now. Ur grill and my grill should create a support group for all the other grills whose owners will read this.

  2. Brent says:

    I’m “between grills” right now, but if I had one, I go outside and destroy it with a sledge hammer and pee all over the remains, because there’s no way it would measure up to the awesomeness of your grill.

    Seriously, though… nice grill!

  3. Michael B. says:

    Nice grill. I do believe if my family was more than just the two of us, I too would purchase one like yours. It looks as if you really get alot of things going at the same time. I like the smoker box with it’s built in feature! Good luck with your grill. I sure hope you invite all your friends and family over to enjoy the great food I know you can cook with a cadillac grill such as yours.

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