The Incredible, Edible.

Egg.  I can’t believe I have gone this long without posting something about eggs.  Or even just breakfast in general.  After all, it is the most important meal of the day, isn’t it?

Personally, I’m not convinced.  While I do not want to discount the absolute possibility of having an amazing breakfast, I find that dinner is my most important meal.  Or dessert.  Ooooh yeah, dessert.  But since I had eggs this morning for breakfast, I will talk about breakfast.

Eggs are, without a doubt, one of the most versatile ingredients in the kitchen.  They can be used in all meals, they can be cooked at least ten different ways, and they play well with a myriad of other flavors.  Sadly though, eggs do not really possess their own distinct flavor.  To be honest, they’re kind of bland!  Which isn’t to say they’re not good, or good for you.  In fact, an egg is an amazing source of protein, and really is a great way to start the day.

I don’t think that it really needs to be mentioned, but I might as well get it out of the way right now.  I am, of course, talking about Grade A, Large chicken eggs.  Not ostrich eggs.  Not quail eggs.  Not dinosaur eggs.  Plain ole chicken eggs.

Ok, now that I got that nonsense out of the way, let’s talk breakfast.  Since it can be cooked pretty quickly, I like to make my eggs over-easy and in the middle of two pieces of bread, with maybe some cheese in there.

What a conveniently placed photo!  Now, before you get all hot and bothered about my “burnt” eggs, let it be known:  my eggs are not burnt in the above photo.  That is smoked paprika that I added to my eggs that got a little bit of color from the heat.  Underneath the eggs, I had some shredded cheddar cheese that was allowed to melt from the heat of the eggs on top.

For what it’s worth, this is really a “power breakfast.”  With the exception of me using white bread instead of whole wheat bread, the sandwich provides a great balance between protein and carbs that would be great before a workout.

I stated above that I like my eggs in this sandwich over easy.  This provides a runny yolk that is perfect to sop up with my bread.  Sometimes, I tend to cook them closer to “over medium,” which is fine, but gives me a more firm yolk.  Some people (including the geniuses over at the FDA), would recommend that you cook your eggs until the point that they are 100% completely and utterly done so as to avoid any potential food-borne illness.  Truth be told, only a very small percentage of eggs are infected with salmonella, and beyond that, I am healthy (relatively speaking here, of course), and have a strong immune system.  I think I read somewhere (or heard) that women that are pregnant, infants, and the elderly should probably avoid eating “under-cooked” eggs since if they were unlucky enough to get that 1 in 1million infected egg, it could potentially cause some serious issues.  And, I’m not dumb;  I know there was a huge outbreak recently of salmonella in one of the factories or something like that.  I’m still not scared.  Call me adventurous.  Or Jonathan.

Moving on.  I once heard a chef on television that cooking an egg is the proper test for a chef.  If you can cook an egg well, you are on your way to great chefdom.  And it’s true.  Eggs are delicate, don’t like high heat, and if you’re trying to serve a runny yolk, you have the added pressure of not breaking it in the pan.  Eggs are also a lot like some cuts of meat where they continue to cook a little bit even after you remove the main heat source.  This makes it even trickier to cook eggs because you want the eggs to be done, but not overdone.  Nor underdone.  And there’s a bit of guesswork involved; or experience.  However, even experienced chefs and home cooks screw up eggs all the time.

I’ll finish this (rather convoluted) post with this thought.  Have you ever been served a plate (or serving, or whatever) of scrambled eggs that are sitting in their own liquid?  That’s overcooked.  I can guarantee you that those eggs are overcooked and rubbery.  Had the preparer taken them off the heat a bit sooner, that liquid would be in the eggs, and they would have a much better texture and flavor.

Stay positive, love your life, and play with your food 🙂

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I am the owner of . A recent culinary graduate from Le Cordon Bleu just trying to make it to the next meal. I may not always do things the easy way, but I certainly do things the tasty way!
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One Response to The Incredible, Edible.

  1. Holly says:

    It’s funny u said that. Eggs were the first thing I learned to cook growing up which was weird cuz I pretty muchhated them. I experimented a bunch with every possible way of making them to find a mix I liked. Because of this my family likes my breakfasts best bcuz I make great omlettes & eggs n a hat topped w cheese.

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