I realize that it has been a few days since my last posting, and to those of you that are anxious to read new posts, I apologize.  Sometimes, real life steps in and prohibits a person from writing a blog about foods.

But let’s not focus on the negatives, here.  Let’s look at the positives!  We have a new post right now, and it’s about steak; how convenient!  With my new work schedule, I am now able to cook amazing food for dinner in the middle of the week, so I did that on Tuesday night.  Do you want to see the picture I took?  Of course you do!  Why would I even ask such a preposterous question?!

I’ll even right-justify it so you get to look at it more and more as you read my writing.  Anyway.  That glorious cut of meat to the right is of course, a rib eye.  Bone-in rib eye, no less.  These suckers were huge, but didn’t take too long at all on the grill.  The broccoli I did on the grill as well, with my grilling saute pan.  And if you notice the small bottle of oil to the left of the steak, that is some special stuff right there.  Black Truffle Oil.  I’ll get to that in a minute.

So the steaks were really great.  Always try to buy bone-in when given the chance because the meat around the bone just soaks in all the flavor of the meat and is really great.  For my steak, I only salt and peppered it because I knew I was going to add another flavor hit with the oil.  For my wife’s steak, I made a rosemary butter and generously slathered that on the steak while it was grilling.  Her steak did not impart the rosemary goodness like I was hoping, but it was still very, very good.

The broccoli was really great too, and super simple.  I chopped my broccoli and put it in a huge bowl, put a layer of olive oil on it and tossed to coat.  Once everything was coated, I salted, peppered and then added crushed red pepper to further enhance the flavor, and give it a little bit of heat.  When it was nearly finished, I topped the whole thing with grated parmesan cheese so it would get a little gooey and add some texture.  It was quite good.  The broccoli still had some crunch, and some good color from the grill.  It was a “win” for sure.

Rosemary butter.  Just like ice cream, nearly anything can be made into a butter.  All I did from this rosemary butter is get some butter down to room temperature to where it is soft and easy-to-mash, but not melted.  I then chopped some rosemary fine, tossed it in the butter and mixed it all together.  Done.  Simple.  I’ve done this with roasted garlic too, and that is divine.  Come to think of it:  I could make a bacon butter and give all my friend’s high cholesterol.  But I would never do that.  Or would I?  Moving on…

The Black Truffle Oil.  Now to those who don’t know what I am talking about, I am not talking about a chocolate treat that has been infused into an oil.  I have a feeling that that would be quite gross.  “Real” black truffles are fungi that grow in very specific conditions (mostly in France and Italy) and are very expensive.  Scratch that.  Extremely expensive.  Which is why you’ll never see a truffle you can buy at the grocery.  Just a few ounces of that stuff would set you back a few hundred dollars, and no I’m not kidding.  To describe the flavor of the truffle would be impossible.  It’s definitely funky, but also in a sweet kind of way.  I bought that oil at a specialty foods mart a few months ago and I have had no idea how to use it properly.  I knew that you can’t (or shouldn’t) really cook with it, since the heat could possibly destroy the delicate flavor and aroma.  So that’s why I only simply seasoned my steak.  I drizzled a little bit of that oil all over my steak after it had been cooked and sitting on my plate (right after I took the above picture, actually).  It has such a strong aroma that I was almost punched back by it a little.  And my steak was great.

So there ya go.  A simple steak dinner with a luxurious ingredient.  The truffle oil isn’t for everyone, but for those interested, and have some extra cash to spare, I would recommend it.  And also the steak.  I recommend the steak to everyone, because it’s delicious.

Stay positive, love your life, and play with your food 🙂

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I am the owner of . A recent culinary graduate from Le Cordon Bleu just trying to make it to the next meal. I may not always do things the easy way, but I certainly do things the tasty way!
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