Random Rantings and Such

Hello again and welcome back! I have found myself with 3 pounds of onions caramelizing on the stove, so I thought I would give you all a quick post about stuff.

First of all, I would like to state that I hope you all are enjoying my vlogs as much as I enjoy making them. It certainly adds another dimension to my cooking, and I can show you guys techniques and other things that would be difficult to explain on the blog. Like making bacon 🙂 My real wish is that I could dedicate more time to making the vlog, but it does take a considerable amount of time and effort. Not that I’m complaining, but just wishful thinking I suppose. In the meantime, please enjoy the ones I have made and share them with your friends, both real and on social media, if you feel so inclined.

And now on to a point of contention for me. I am sick and tired of television “chefs” telling you that you need to use extra virgin olive oil for every single cooking application that you do. It’s unnecessary and can get real expensive. There’s a reason why extra virgin is so much more expensive than regular olive oil and other vegetable oils: it’s special. It’s treated very differently than other oils and has a really nice flavor to it. Anytime you add even the slightest amount of heat to the oil, you start killing off it’s fruity flavors, which is a bummer. The people on the tv would suggest that by using extra virgin, it’s healthier since it has a lot of healthy fat in it. You know what? They’re right… However, you’re already cooking with oil, why not just use regular olive oil and take a multi-vitamin or something? Save yourself the money! Now, I am not to suggest that I do not have a bottle of the good stuff in my pantry, but you know what? I only use it for applications that do not require heat…like salad dressings or drizzling on a lovely grilled steak. You’re paying for that fruity taste and aroma, why not take advantage of it?! Not to mention the fact that extra virgin olive oil has such a low smoke point, you risk burning it if you even think about sautéing with it! Ok… End rant. That felt good.

The bacon I made was a huge hit in my house. My wife loved it and so do I. So much so that I already have almost 4 pounds of belly transforming in my fridge as I type this. I’ve put together a sweeter version using a higher ratio of brown sugar, and a more savory version taking advantage of some garlic and thyme. I suspect they will both be delicious. I read an excerpt from a book, basically THE authoritative book on charcuterie and curing meats, that smoking the bacon is an optional step. That I could simply roast the bacon to 150 degrees, then slice, then fry in the pan. I think I’m gonna try that with one of my slabs, whilst giving the other a heavy dose of applewood smoke. I’m so excited about this bacon, that I’ve determined that I’m going to be making fresh, homemade brioche hamburger buns, placing atop them a famous J Lethal burger, adorned with a sharp Vermont cheddar, maybe a roasted garlic aioli and of course, the BACON!! I am sorry to those of you who do not live with me and will not be able to partake 😛 Maybe i’ll post pics. Oh, and the aioli will be homemade, using EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil, since it will not be cooked. Just wanted to clarify.

And for those not in-the-know, I’m stuck in classroom classes for the next 5 weeks. Oh joy. I plan on taking this time to catch up a little on my sleep, and also take some risks in my kitchen at home.

Let the games begin 🙂


About imasamurai

I am the owner of https://myfoodtalk.wordpress.com . A recent culinary graduate from Le Cordon Bleu just trying to make it to the next meal. I may not always do things the easy way, but I certainly do things the tasty way!
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2 Responses to Random Rantings and Such

  1. Your biggest fan... Mom says:

    might want to try bacon chocolate muffins.. saw this on tv from the shoe string chef and immediately thought of you…

  2. Holly says:

    I love the vlogs, each one is better than the last and they are starting to have a little more of what makes ur blog so good, a good mixture of comedy and cookery. Keep it up!

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