Companion: Fried Rice, Knife Skills

I love making fried rice.  I think it’s easy, and a great way to use a lot of the extra vegetables I find in my fridge.  I also love knife skills.  That may seem weird, but knowing how to properly use a sharp implement of food destruction is quite important.  I’ll dive in to the fried rice portion right now…

The vegetables I used were half of a medium-sized Vidalia onion, 2 “normal-sized” carrots, about 4 cremini mushrooms and two scallions.  Like I said in the video, this can be customized almost any way.  I would have liked to have added 2 minced cloves of garlic, but I didn’t have any (shame on me, really.)  I also realized that I should have used more of the onion.  I love onion though.  If you use the garlic, you would want to add that right before you add the cold rice.  Let it saute for…maybe about 30 seconds or so.  Burnt garlic tastes bad, and can ruin your entire dish.

I also like to make this dish in a stainless steel saute pan.  The rice sticks to the bottom and gets nice and crusty.  I really like that texture, but the pan can be a bit of a pain to clean.  However, if you use the deglazing technique from the pan sauce in episode one, you could liberate those bits on the bottom and incorporate them into the rice.

I digress.

For the liquid ingredients, I used a more-than-usual amount of rice wine vinegar.  This is a traditional Asian vinegar that has its own unique flavor.  It’s very nice to put it in the dish because it gives it a little bite.  I probably used about 1/4-1/2 of a cup or so.  I wouldn’t go much more than that.  I also used a lot of rice, which justified the vinegar.  About the soy, (especially if you don’t use low-sodium):  Be sparing at first!  You can always add later, but can’t take out.  Also, you don’t want the rice to be soupy.  It needs to maintain its structural integrity.  The chili oil is nice, but not necessary.  You want some element of spicy though.  Red pepper flake would be a nice addition, and I know a lot of people have it at home.  I would add this with the garlic, if you’re using that.  That way, you could”wake up” the flavors of the pepper.  If you were feeling particularly brave, you could slice a Thai chili really thin and add some of that with the onion.  That will permeate with spiciness.

The egg.  I didn’t want to add the egg, but you can.  A lot of people do, I just didn’t want it this time.  That’s the beauty of cooking.  Just add it in when I mention it and scramble it all over the place and you’ll be good.  Depending on the amount of rice you make, you could increase it to two eggs if you wanted.

That’s really it, though.  This dish is a perfect way to use all that leftover chicken, or anything really.  I made a turkey fried rice after thanksgiving.  You could also use leftover portions of pork or beef.  The sky is pretty much the limit here.

Thanks for all the feedback I’m getting and the support!  Please tell you friends, watch the videos, comment, rate and all that jazz.  I want to get better and never stop being relevant, so make suggestions and I’ll see what I can do!  And in case you missed it, the link is here.


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