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Sometimes, Things Just Go Well

I think the title of this post really says it all. Also, I’m going to go ahead and throw in a *long post warning* since I know that’s inevitably what’s going to happen. Clearly this post is about Thanksgiving, because … Continue reading

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Look In My Window

The week of Thanksgiving is really a herald to proper planning and organization. You can ask my wife, I’ve got a notebook full of my shopping list, ingredients, recipes, and most importantly: my game plan. I like to think of … Continue reading

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Thanks for Giving, Twenty-Thirteen

You may not be aware of this, but the Thanksgiving holiday is quite literally right around the corner for us Americans. If you’re American, and reading this, and you did not know there’s only a handful of days left until … Continue reading

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A Bird In the Hand.

So I know I’ve taken a little bit of an extended leave and have taken my sweet time to post about Thanksgiving.  I promise it’s worth it.  I have my real disclaimer at the end though, so hang with me. … Continue reading

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Green Bean Challenge.

So I received a comment on my previous blog basically challenging me to make a green bean casserole without using cream of mushroom soup from the can.  The direct quote being “…I can’t imagine making cream of mushroom soup as … Continue reading

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Turkey Talk, Part 4.

As great as your turkey is going to be, you’re gonna need things surrounding it.  Plain and simple.  Even the best-tasting turkey in the world needs side-dishes to break up the monotony.  But when you can combine great side dishes, … Continue reading

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Turkey Talk, Part 3

Timing is everything.  Really, it is.  We’ve covered brining your turkey and seasoning your turkey.  Now I’m gonna briefly step away from talking turkey to go more into the planning phases. Simply put, much of what you plan on eating … Continue reading

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